Our Story

PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers members

Vocals - Stephanie Takata (PhanieRae)
Guitar - Alex Sams
Guitar - Dusty Cawley
Drums - Jake Alt
Bass - Peter Adriel

Founded around Lead Singer Stephanie Takata (PhanieRae), PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers bring a mix of the Blues, Rock, Soul, & Funk music. Founded in 2015 by manager Jason Tibbs and Singer Stephanie Takata the group has grown into a local success, filling bar rooms, outdoor venues, and local event halls. Singer, Stephanie Takata was born and raised in central Illinois. When she was in high school she found her love for arts and music. She has been well know in the fine arts scene in Peoria, IL for many years. She is also known for her soul twisting renditions of The National Anthem, performing them for many local sports teams, Civic Center events, and music festivals. Guitarist’s Alex Sams & Dusty Cawley were both born and raised in a small town in central Illinois, Eureka. Although they did not grow up playing together, it didn’t take long to fid a common ground onstage. During the 90’s Cawley was playing in band covering Classic Rock and at the time up and coming Grunge. Sams started playing at the age of 14. Known to be seen walking the streets of Eureka with his guitar strapped across him. Sams new then he would be playing music the rest of his life. Both Sams & Cawley bring a different style to PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers. Bassist Peter Adriel also has a career as a singer/songwriter. Peter has come back to his root where he started playing bass. Peter brings a solid rhythm & is a valuable asset to writing originals. Jake Alt is fresh of the press. This 20 year old comes from a long line of family with musical talent. This is Alt’s first organized project after high school. He brings a solid rhythm and sweet rolls to the band, his style comes from a mixture of Carter Beauford(DMB), Travis Barker(Blink-182), and his father Jayson Alt. Together PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers have a unique family relationship and bring that to the stage to connect with their fans.

We have a few originals that we are working on, and hope to have them available soon. So don't forget to sign up on our mailing list and be in the first group to hear our original material.